Monday, May 28, 2012

Solar Beeswax melter


Putting the sun to work melting bees wax is quite a pleasure. I say this having hijacked pots from the kitchen and made them quite a big mess to clean up. Not worth the trouble. So I fabricated this solar wax melter and it works better than I ever thought it would. I put 8 to 10 pounds of wax, honey, propolis and miscellaneous bee stuff into this rig... and out comes bleached wax and pollen infused honey. The photo tells the story, this took about 6 hours in the sun. I still need to paint and make a permanent glass door for the top. Just had to try it out as it was 90 degrees and sunny today.


David Trees said...

Brilliant looking design. Is the filter a mesh of some form. I too agree with your profile comment about the source and purpose of our unique creativity. Thanks for sharing yours?.. :)

David T

Megamom said...

Are your plans for the Solar Wax Melter available for purchase?
Or do you make them to sell?

Mr. Wagner said...

Very interested in plans Do you have them available?

Dare Lamberson said...

I'd be interested in plans too, or at least some more pictures showing screening process and collection pan, etc. This is an awesome looking device! Do you still use it or have you upgraded?